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“MonkeyPark Špindlerův Mlýn” is situated in the vicinity of the entry of the popular local bobsled track. The longest rope course in the Krkonoše Mountains has a total length of 432 m in its longest course (medium-high difficulty), 356 m in its medium course (medium difficulty), and 296 m in its short course (low difficulty). In its longest course, “MonkeyPark Špindlerův Mlýn” offers 32 obstacles whose highest difficulty is 3 on a 5-level scale. It was designed for the wider public, including children whose height is 140 cm or more. It was planned and designed so that even an absolutely untrained tourist or a child of the required height can manage it. Despite that (or maybe because of that), even such visitors will have a wonderful experience.

Bobovka Harrachov 15-07-16 (102).JPG

 In the “MonkeyPark Špindlerův Mlýn”, a climber gradually conquers obstacles suspended on ropes between trees 2-8 meters above the ground. Special “bases”, which are used by a climber to move to another obstacle after conquering the previous one and on which they can also rest, are secured to the trees. The location of the “MonkeyPark Špindlerův Mlýn” directly inside the full-grown forest amplifies the experience because contrary to artificial rope courses, visitors spend time amongst nature, below the treetops, and “between sky and earth”.

 Before starting to navigate obstacles in the “MonkeyPark Špindlerův Mlýn”, every visitor receives the necessary technical briefing and their movement is always under the supervision of distinctively marked instructors. Everybody is “dressed” in special professional gear, including two belay thimbles, which are permanently attached to the safety rope. Therefore, for the whole duration of climbing through the rope course, a visitor is double-belayed from a fall by high quality equipment. Even if someone cannot manage climbing through the “MonkeyPark Harrachov” for any reason, they can be “lowered” from any place within several minutes by a climb instructor who is permanently present in the area.

There are special safety mattresses on the trees. The used rope has parameters that exceed the weight of the heaviest visitors. The staff are expertly trained by a certified person

In order to improve their skills and technique, the youngest children may utilise a small rope course with several easy obstacles free of charge. Therefore, visitors of the bobsled tracks in Špindlerův Mlýn or Harrachov can experience other wonderful adrenaline filled moments in “MonkeyPark Harrachov and Špindlerův Mlýn”.

Visit us for a great trip with attractive fun for your kids or friends.

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