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MONKEY PARK - Operating rules

  • By purchasing an admission ticket the visitor to the MonkeyPark becomes obliged to adhere to these Rules of Conduct.

  • By entering the first MonkeyPark base the visitor becomes obliged to adhere to the safety regulations given in the “Rules of Conduct”.

  • The MonkeyPark is a sports facility. Access to and use of the MonkeyPark obstacles are at the visitor’s own risk.

Visitors are not permitted to:

  • access obstacles without prior instruction or without the knowledge of the park attendant,

  • access obstacles under the influence of alcohol or drugs,

  • swing on the belaying ropes or leave the course and go to places other than those marked,

  • hinder or endanger other MonkeyPark visitors passing through the obstacle course

The operator is not liable:

  • for visitors’ belongings left in the MonkeyPark,

  • for damage to clothing or personal possessions when passing through the MonkeyPark obstacle course,

  • for underestimating the abilities of MonkeyPark visitors. The operator warns that some visitors may find it physically difficult to pass through some of the obstacles. The operator is not liable for any injury to visitors caused through underestimation of their own abilities and their state of health.

Safety regulations for the MonkeyPark obstacle course:

  1. Access to the obstacle course is only permitted after receiving prior instruction.

  2. When entering the first base the visitor is obliged to secure himself with carabiners (2).

  3. Hier warten Sie auf die Anweisungen des Bedienungspersonals zum Absenken auf die Plattform Nr. 2.

  4. Wait there until the park attendant tells you to leave for the 2nd base.

  5. Only one person at a time may tackle an obstacle. Bases can hold more people, although the maximum number is 4.

  6. After getting past an obstacle, move to the base for the next obstacle. While doing this make absolutely sure to follow these belaying regulations. First unfasten just one (!) carabiner and immediately hook it onto the belaying rope of the next obstacle. Secure the carabiner with a safety lock. Then unfasten the second carabiner and hook it on in the same way next to the first carabiner. Then lock this second carabiner, making sure that the carabiner lock is on the opposite side to the first carabiner. Use only this system of belaying all the way along the course.

  7. When moving along the obstacle course you are not permitted to release or even remove any of the thimble clasps. At the same time it is forbidden to unfasten or remove the protective helmet from your head.

  8. Use only the pulley system to get across when there is only one steel rope strung between the trees and there is a cushioning mattress on the landing area.

  9. You can take a shortcut at some points on the course. If you think you cannot continue, call the park attendant and stay secured until he arrives! Under no circumstances should you leave or jump from the course of your own accord!

  10. When moving along the course always go from lower base numbers to higher base numbers.

  11. Wristwatches, rings, jewelry and other valuables should be placed safely in a zip-up pocket. Personal belongings could hinder you on the obstacle course or could get damaged.

  12. If you have long hair which could get tangled in an obstacle, tie it back so it does not hinder your progress.

  13. 11.In the interest of your own safety and that of other visitors, pay close attention to the instructions given by the attendant.

We wish all our visitors an enjoyable time under the Špindlerův treetops.

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