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BOBSLEIGH TRACK - Operating rules

These “Operating Rules” are binding for all participants in the bob-sleigh track operations. By purchasing the bob-sleigh track ticket, the participant in the operations undertakes to comply with these “Operating Rules”.

 Riding the bob-sleigh is a sports activity. Everyone is obliged to adapt the speed of the bob-sleigh to their own capabilities and knowledge, signs along the bob-sleigh track, and actual situation on the bob-sleigh track.


You are also obliged to respect the instructions of the operator. The bob-sleigh track operator is authorised to order persons who violate the “Operating Rules” or operator instructions out of the premises.


Riding the bob-sleigh under the influence of alcohol or drugs is prohibited.


Children aged up to 8 may only ride the bob-sleigh in the company of an adult. Always ensure that the children are sitting in front of you.


If the bob-sleigh is occupied by two people, both must have valid tickets.


Secure loose parts of clothing to prevent them from coming into contact with the side off the sitting part of the bob-sleigh, lift or bob-sleigh track.


Hold the brake lever with both hands. When running the bob-sleigh, do not touch the body of the lift or track.


Stopping on the bob-sleigh track is only possible when a stationary obstacle is in front of you. You signal danger to the riders behind you by waving your arms and shouting.


Lean into the inner side of a bend depending on the running speed.


Every rider is responsible for their own running speed. For this reason, choose an appropriate speed so as not to endanger yourself or others.


Keep such distance between the bob-sleighs that allows you to stop safely at any time, at least 25 m; 50 m in wet conditions.


Beware of longer stopping distance and potential transverse “floating” of the bob-sleighs in wet conditions.


In case of heavy rain, snowfall or ice, the operator is authorised to interrupt operations and close the track.


Failure to comply with the “Operating Rules” may result in harm to yourself and others. Please, observe them and exercise great caution. In case of breach of the “Operating Rules”, we shall not be liable for any resultant harm.

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